International Students Conference


Our IN EXTENSO: INNOVATION FOR NEXTGEN EU - STUDENT’S CONFERENCE was organized between 18 -19 of  May 2022.

The conference was student-focused and aimed at undergraduate (bachelor) and postgraduate students (master and doctorate) who were invited to deliver presentations on: Sustainable Development and EngineeringEconomics for the FutureOpen Societies and Contemporary Challenges.

The 3 main sections were further divided as follows: 

1. Sustainable Development and Engineering subsections:

  1. Mathematics.
  2. Informatics.
  3. Engineering and Telecommunications: Mechanics, Mechatronics, Automations, Sensors, Smart Technologies.
  4. Environmental and Earth Sciences.

   2. Economics for the Future subsections:

  1. Finance and Accounting.
  2. Business Administration, Marketing and Tourism.

3. Open Societies and Contemporary Challenges subsections:

  1. History and Cultural Studies.
  2. Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies and Literature.
  3. Social Sciences.
  4. Physical Education and Sports; Kinesiology and Physical Therapy.
  5. Law and administrative sciences: private and public law institutions; administrative institutions.
  6. Theology – The eternity of youth mirrored in light and words.
  7. Art – Contemporary Byzantine Liturgical Art.

4. High-school Students in partnerships with Higher Education Institutions (dedicated to cooperation projects and scientific research between secondary and tertiary level education).


1st Annual Innovation for NextGen EU: Student’s Conference

1st Annual Innovation for NextGen EU: Student’s Conference

23-24 September 2021

The 1st Annual Innovation for NextGen EU: Student’s Conference. The conference has been organized in 3 sections with a registered number of 23 participants.

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