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1 Am I eligible for an CEEPUS application?

Eligible are students and faculty members of a CEEPUS University that are also citizens of a CEEPUS member state. If you have a different citizenship but are enrolled at a CEEPUS university, you might also be eligible. In that case, please ask your National CEEPUS Office for restrictions and further information.

2 Which countries can be a host country for a stay?

All 16 countries listed on our homepage offer incoming grants to eligible students. See list of member countries.

3 Am I eligible for a Network mobility?

This is our regular type of grant. Network mobility are students and teachers exchanged among the partner institutions of a network. Use our network database "Find a network" and see whether your university participates in a CEEPUS network.

4 Get in contact

Get in contact with the network coordinator of the funded CEEPUS network or with the network partner at your university to see whether a mobility application is possible within the network and for your desired guest university.

5 Am I eligible as a freemover?

If your home university or institute is not listed in a network you can also apply as a freemover in any CEEPUS country. Please note, that there is only a limited amount of freemover grants available, therefore in some countries freemover applications are only possible for summer term. Ask the National CEEPUS Office of your desired guest country.

6 Gather your application documents

Applicants for Network mobilities do not have to upload documents as long as they are citizens of CEEPUS member states. Applicants that do not have the citizenship of a CEEPUS member state need to upload the confirmation of their enrollment (“equal status document”). Freemover must upload two letters of recommendation and a letter of supervision. You will find templates under Downloads.

7 “Sign in”

Please access “My CEEPUS”: to sign in to our online application tool. If you are new to our system you have to register first and create a new account. If you have already a CEEPUS account, please log into your already existing account.

8 CEEPUS Mobility Wizard

After signing in, follow the instructions in our “Mobility Wizard” which will guide you through the online application process.

For more details, please check the following link:

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