International Relations

Missions and Goals

The Center for International Relations undertakes the mission of substantiating and implementing the educational policies of UAB in the context of expanding the European and international academic space, by establishing landmarks and dimensions of academic education that preserve the local educational and cultural tradition and to transcend geographical and political boundaries by affirming cultural-identity values (implicitly linguistic) and accessing universal knowledge.

General goals:

a) The Center for International Relations (CRI) carries out concrete actions for institutional promotion and information of the national and international academic community, as well as of the local socio-professional community regarding the activities, actions, approaches and achievements of the academic, research and professional consultancy carried out by the university in accordance with the Internationalization Strategy approved by the University management.

b) CRI contributes to the setting up of long-term institutional collaborations and partnerships with representatives of the national and international academic space, of the local and global social, economic and cultural environment.

CRI encourages and supports a collaborative and proactive culture to meet the strategic objectives set by the management program of the management of the University of Alba Iulia.

Specific goals:

a) Extending the international dimension of the research carried out at UAB;

b) Development of the international dimension of the teaching / learning process at UAB;

c) The development of the intercultural and multilingual dimension of UAB;

d) Development of the international dimension of the involvement of UAB in the socio-professional community;

e) Increasing the international attractiveness of the University's educational offer.


Development of an efficient Public Relations system in the field of internationalization activities.

BECISS - Erasmus, International Cooperation and Foreign Students Office- operates within the Center for International Relations

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