Center for Information, Counselling and Career Guidance

Center for Information, Counselling and Career Guidance



Illustrate and implement all the objectives necessary to streamline the information, counseling and career guidance of candidates, students, master students and graduates of the University. Informing those interested about the Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR) and their correspondence with the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO) - variant 88 (COM) of the European Union, by making available the addresses of some public institutions that have attributions and competences in the field of Adult Vocational Training.


General objectives

Informing candidates, students and graduates about the educational offer offered by the University of Alba Iulia;

Advising students and graduates on knowing their individual profile, professional aspirations, interests, motivation, etc.;

Providing specialized services related to career choice issues;

Training and development (for students and graduates) of the capacity for responsible and informed decision on the academic and career path;

Facilitate communication between students, teachers, employers, counseling experts.


Annual targets

Annual drawing up of an informational package for current and future students of the university, but also for informing potential partners / collaborators;

Carrying out consulting services for students, both in order to achieve school success and in order to focus on the labor market;

Organizing collaboration actions with university teachers, various centers in the country or abroad, public institutions, etc .;

Promoting the activity of the Center for Information, Counseling and Career Guidance among companies;

Annual organization of various events (workshops, information sessions, caravan of employment opportunities, job market, job fairs, open career week, etc.) designed to promote the offers and dynamics of the labor market, to facilitate interaction students and graduates with the members of the Center for Information, Counseling and Career Guidance and with the companies;

Establishing and developing cooperation / collaboration links with other universities in the country and abroad, respectively with other information, counseling, and career guidance centers.


Specific objectives

Awareness of the role that determinants have in choosing the educational and professional path;

Investigating individual predispositions and aspirations through tools specific to the field of counseling;

Providing specific assistance to direct beneficiaries (students and graduates) for self-knowledge and personal and professional fulfillment.


CICOC - Working hours

Monday - Friday - 8.00 - 16.00


Requests for career counseling and guidance services, respectively psychological counseling can be addressed directly to the CICOC headquarters (Apor Palace, ground floor) or by email to:


  • Adresa Alba Iulia, 5, Gabriel Bethlen Street
  • Cod Postal 510009
  • Locatie University location

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