Center for Technology Transfer

Our future standard of living depends on our ability to innovate in terms of products, services, economic activities, and social processes, as well as in terms of models. CTT presents the technology transfer and innovation activities carried out within UAB.

1. Consulting

- Consulting to partners in the acquisition of products and services specific to the field;

- Methodological assistance related to technology transfer projects;

- Consulting on the organization of innovative companies and business in the field of RDI;

- Consulting on the protection of intellectual property rights;

- Technological demonstration activities.

2. Development of technology transfer projects in the fields of:

- Information technology.

- Engineering and technical consultancy related to them;

- Technical testing and analysis.

3. Organizing courses for UAB students and trainings with CTT staff and partners in the specific field of technology transfer operations

4. Support activities, support and promotion of activities and results within their own technology transfer projects and partners (marketing, advertising, article editing, legislative proposals, identification of funding sources, management, etc.).

Contracts concluded with third parties

  • Smart people for smart cities! - Adaptation of study programs in the fields of applied electronics, informatics and environmental engineering to the requirements of the 21st century, contract code POSDRU / 156 / 1.2 / G / 137166.
  • Intelligent system based on machine learning and artificial vision for optimizing the porcelain manufacturing flow (SIVAP), project code: PN-III-P2-2.1-BG-2016-0333, financing contract: 50 BG / 2016.
  • Computational models for color reproduction in ceramic products, contract code: UEFISCDI / PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-1835.
  • Innovation in Intelligent Management of Heritage Building, contract code: TD 1406, COST.


  • Contract Continental Toulouse - IBS Research Goup Division & IBS Continental Automotive Romania, contract no.739_17.10.2016.


  • Research - Development and Consulting Contract (no. Benef 376 / 28.06.2017) with Miele Tehnica Brasov, contract no. 527_28.06.2017.


  • Contract for Research, Development and Consulting MIELE TEHNICA 378 / period 2016 - 2021, contract no. 378.


  • Research - Development and Consulting Contract no. 102 /22.03.2018 CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE & RESEARCH CENTER CONTINENTAL TOULOUSE / Additional Act 1 (DFMEA Design and FMEDA- element diagnosis analyze) NISSAN - BCM (Body control module C1_HS_run1) - 2018, 2019, 2020 ".


  • Research - Development and Consulting Contract no. 185 / 25.03.2016 CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE & RESEARCH CENTER CONTINENTAL TOULOUSE / Additional Act 1 + Additional Act Nr. 2 + Additional Act 3 + Additional Act No. 4 (FMEDA-failure mode and element diagnosis analyze) RENAULT - BCM (Body control module C1_A _) - 2016, 2017, 2018.


  • Optimization of execution technologies regarding the rehabilitation of heritage buildings affected by humidity -OTERP, contract code: PN-III-P2-2.1-BG-2016-0302 - 124BG / 1.10.2016.


  • Innovative technologies for advanced recovery of materials from waste computer and telecommunications equipment, contract code: PCCDI - 01-03-2018.


  • Experimental measurements for evaluating the level of electromagnetic field radiation in the indicated locations and their interpretation, contract no. 187 / 20.10.2017.


  • Electrical, electronic, fluid measurements and elaboration of the electric power audit for the working points in Sibiu and Buziaş of the company SC SIMEA SRL SIBIU, contract no. 928 / 21.09.2015.


  • Electromagnetic coexistence study for PUG approval with Ocna Mureş City Hall, contract no. 983 / 23.11.2015.


  • Consolidation of Tetu Monastery, contract no. 7 / 29.09.2017


  • Construction of the Monument of the Heroes of Miercurea Sibiului, contract no. 4 / 08.05.2017


  • Construction of a gym, Gârbova commune, Alba county, contract no. 4 / 08.05.2017


  • Rehabilitation Modernization of Galtiu Kindergarten, Sântimbru commune, Alba county, contract no. 5 / 6.10.2017


  • Event hall Hotel Mariss, Alba Iulia, contract no. 3 / 01.07.2016


  • Modernization and extension of the House of Culture of Miercurea Sibiului, contract no. 1 / 18.01.2016


  • Contract no. 6646 / 23.01.2013 - Environmental report necessary for the finalization stage of the General Urban Plan document and the arrangement of the administrative territory of Alba Iulia Municipality – Update


  • Contract no. 740 / 19.11.2014 - Research services in the field of environmental protection for the preparation of documentation for the authorization of the cattle farm in Pianu,


  • Contract no. 5611 / 29.04.2014 - Laboratory analysis services with SC Apulum SA Alba Iulia).


  • CNCSIS Project A- The impact of heavy metal pollution on agricultural areas in the Ampoiului Valley Basin and solutions for the rehabilitation of polluted areas, Contract: 33789. of 23.07.2002;


  • CNCSIS Project A-Research on establishing the degree of heavy metal contamination of agri-food goods in the Zlatna area and possibilities for mitigating the negative effects, Contract: 40214 / 4.XI. 2003;


  • Project AUF - Methodes electrochimiques de controle et destruction des polluant organiques et inorganiques", Contract: 1391/12.XI. 2003;


  • CEEX 2006 "Research on the development of sustainable agriculture and the transfer of results to agricultural producers", Contract 2729/113 of 20.07.2007


  • CEEX 2006 "Promoting high-performance agricultural technologies in accordance with EU rural development policy", Contract: 418 / 17.04.2006;


  • BENA-Integration and using of the research results by application of the Aquis comunitaire in order to improve life quality and security", Contract 59/01.04.2007;


  • CNCSIS - Research on the creation and development of new economic sectors in the Apuseni Mountains, Alba County from the perspective of regional development - CODE 1277, no. contract. 40214 / 4XI.2003.


  • CONTRACT WITH ECONOMIC AGENT - Universal Spray service SRL Cluj Napoca, Research works regarding the realization of an expert system for the marketing activity of the company Universal Spray service SRL Cluj Napoca - 572 / 21.02.2005;


  • BENA, Honey Qualities Control In Transylvania, contract 24/7.04.2009;


  • BENA, Parameter controls quality and enzymatic activity of grain mill products REGION IN TRANSYLVANIA, Contract 44/201.


  • Adresa Alba Iulia, 5, Gabriel Bethlen Street
  • Cod Postal 510009
  • Locatie University location

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