Presentation of the Senate of “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia

The University Senate is the highest forum for decision-making and deliberation at the university level being invested with the exercise, under the law, of university autonomy. The main documents and issues under discussion by the Senate concern institutional strategies, regulations and methodologies of organization and functioning, assurance of the quality of teaching and research activity, budget, and budget implementation, as well as organization of institutional structures. Senate rulings are binding on the academic community.

The University Senate is made up of 75% of the representatives of the teaching and research staff and 25% of the student representatives, with 25 members in the 2020-2024 mandate. The university senate is headed by a president, elected by secret ballot by members and representing the body headed in relation to the rector, executive leadership, academic community, and other stakeholders.

The Senate meetings are attended by members of the Senate, established by universal, direct and secret suffrage of all teachers and researchers, respectively of all students, all faculties being represented on the share-parts of representation. Permanent guests are invited to meetings, the President of the Honorary Senate, the Rector, the Vice-rectors, the Deans of the faculties, Chief Administrative Officer, the Chief Accountant, the Legal Adviser of the institution and the union representative. With the approval of the University Senate, the directors of the departments and any other person from the institution or outside the institution may participate as guests.

The work of the Senate shall be carried out in plenary, in ordinary sittings, usually held once a month or in extraordinary meetings, convened in exceptional circumstances. In accordance with organizational regulations, the work of the Senate intends to support, monitor, or advise on specific areas via the Permanent Bureau of the Senate and the Standing Committees.


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