Mission and objectives

The Doctoral School represents an academic institutional structure, invested with responsibility in the administrative organization of carrying out doctoral studies at ”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, including tasks in the management of the activity of PhD students and in the promotion of research activity specific to this academic study cycle.

 The Doctoral School aims to promote and achieve excellence in fundamental and applied research, aimed at increasing the quality of university training, as well as concluding partnerships in interdisciplinary research activities, at national and international level.

 Given that a doctorate imposes the rigor, often ascetic, of research work, and the doctorate is itself a rigorous initiation, which does not suit everyone and to which not all resist, the members of the Doctoral School, the professors, and doctoral students, understand that the doctorate represents the supreme institutional form of professional consecration. Consequently, the only evaluation criteria will be the scientific value of the approach, the originality of the thesis, as well as the seriousness, scientific and academic integrity of the doctoral student.



- Promoting excellence in research by organizing joint teams - academics and PhD students - with high potential in carrying out projects financed by national and international programmes;

- Ensuring the quality of study programmes by constantly updating their contents and increasing the scientific level of theoretical and practical training throughout the cycle of doctoral studies;

 - Compatibility of the offer of the curriculum in the training program with the research projects of PhD students in each field;

- Careful monitoring of the evolution of each doctoral student and efficient management of all administrative problems involved in the carrying out of university doctoral studies;


- Development of programmes and partnerships that promote interdisciplinary training and international mobility for PhD students and academics involved in the Doctoral School;

- Promoting the results of research in doctoral programmes by organizing large-scale national and international scientific and cultural events;

- Development of the national or international joint degree- by working with doctoral institutions in Romania or abroad;


”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, as I.O.S.U.D. (Doctorate Organizing Institution), through the Doctoral School organizes doctoral studies in the following fields: History, Philology, Accounting and Theology

The management of the Doctoral School is represented by the Board for Doctoral School and the Office of the Doctoral School, and its structure is validated by the Senate.

The Doctoral School is coordinated by a director appointed to this position by the Rector of the University and validated by the Senate of ”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia.


  • Adresa Alba Iulia, 5, Gabriel Bethlen Street
  • Cod Postal 510009
  • Locatie University location

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