The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering


The Faculty of Informatics and Engineering

The Faculty of Sciences and Engineering includes a vibrant community of students, faculty staff, and graduates who embody the principle that we will all be committed to supporting: Excellence and Involvement in society. Excellence is based on the quality of the education and scientific research, and involvement in society implies responsibility and maturity.

Dear visitors,

We look forward to introducing you to our curricula, research labs, human resources, and scientific priorities, and to sharing our accomplishments with you. The Faculty of Sciences and Engineering is an integral part of UAB, being also the youngest of the faculties that form the academic community of Alba Iulia. The faculty was born in response to the obvious needs at the local and regional level, regarding the computerization, technical landscape, and development of viable solutions in the field of engineering sciences. Our vision, mission and goals reflect our commitment to the university and the community. Through the proposed objectives, we want to become the first choice for pupils, students, business, and industry in the region.

Creativity, Efficiency and Affirmation are the fundamental attributes of the engineers and computer scientists who carry the emblem of our faculty. In order to promote these values, the Faculty offers undergraduate and master's programs in the fields of Computer Science, Applied Electronics, Geodetic Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Through research projects, development-innovation programs, study programs, national and international multidisciplinary collaborations, we are able to respond to current challenges in the field of exact sciences and engineering. The Faculty also encourages strong links with companies in the region, in order to align the professional skills acquired by graduates to the requirements of the labor market. More than the fundamental character of education provider, the Faculty, through the Center for Innovation and Relations with the Socio-Economic Environment, wants to be a mediator and a binder of the community of professionals, whether students, researchers or practitioners.

Whether you are a student interested in the educational offer, a new student discovering our Faculty or a potential business partner, we invite you to discover the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering and get to know us!


  • Adresa Alba Iulia, 15-17, Unirii Street
  • Cod Postal 510009
  • Locatie University location

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