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The Library of “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia has been functioning since 1991, the year when the university was founded. The library's publications fund has gradually developed through book acquisitions, exchange of publications with various institutions and organizations and through many donations. 

It is currently a modern university library, with a fund of publications of over 130 000 volumes (together with the Archdiocese Library), covering almost all areas of interest. The collection of periodical publications is enriched every year through subscriptions to over 50 titles, both in Romania and abroad, the rest of the publications being purchased according to the allocated budget. All acquisitions are made after consulting the teaching staff, and representatives of the faculties, as well as students. The exchange of domestic and international publications has further developed in recent years.

Since 2008, to facilitate access to specialized information and to meet the needs of documentation in different specialized fields, the university has provided access to various electronic databases.


Students, teachers, researchers, PhD students, master students, as well as other categories of staff from the university or external readers can benefit from the library's services.    

Starting with the 2006-2007 academic year, the library operates in a modernly arranged building that has a computerized system, the database can be consulted both in the internal network - on computers made available to users - OPAC's and online and is organized on home loan services and reading rooms with free access to the shelf. There is also a reading room reserved for teachers and researchers. The reading rooms are equipped with security systems (video surveillance and security system for books). 

Access to library collections is based on the access CARD, according to the operating regulations.

Readers benefit from some services, for a fee:

- multiplication of library documents in reading rooms, in accordance with the provisions of copyright law;

- release of bibliographies, upon request;

- the selection and listing/copying on magnetic media (of the applicant) of the titles in the online catalogue.

The library space consists of:

- four reading rooms, with free access to the shelf, arranged on the first floor of the building;

- loan department, a reading room, processing service, on the ground floor;

- a multimedia hall at the attic of the library building;

- storage spaces in the basement.

Access ramps and sanitary facilities are provided for people with disabilities.


Within the library there is a multimedia room located in the attic, where there are 50 computers on which students have access to the Internet. Here you can consult the electronic databases to which the university has subscriptions, courses in electronic format made available to students by the teaching staff of the university, which can be obtained for a fee on magnetic support.

User Categories

The following categories of readers can benefit from the services of the UAB Library:

- internal readers:

- students (long-term or short-term education or distance learning);

- students enrolled in master's or postgraduate courses;

- university teaching staff;

- other categories of staff in the University;

The card is valid for 1 year, the annual visa extends its validity. The annual endorsement of the card is made following the payment of a fee (see annex- fees).

 - external readers (students from other university centers, PhD students, researchers, teachers in pre-university education, 12th grade students, librarians).

For external readers, the card is valid for one calendar year.

Access to the UAB Library is based only on the "Access Card" which is personal and non-transferable.


  • Adresa Alba Iulia, 4, Mitropolit Andrei Şaguna Street
  • Cod Postal 510009
  • Locatie University location

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