The Faculty of Law and Social Sciences



The Faculty of Law and Social Sciences is one of the four faculties within the “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, presently functioning under this name  since 2003 (Government Decision no. 1082/11.09.2003 published in the Official Gazette of  Romania, part I, no. 687/30/09.2003). At present, the Faculty of  Law and Social Sciences is offers study programmes such as: law, sociology, social work, public administration, and occupational therapy or educational sciences.



- Law 

- Sociology 

- Social Work 

- Public Administration 

- Primary and Preschool Teacher Education

- Physical Education and Sports

- Occupational Therapy

- Kinesiology and Special Motility


- Private Law Institutions

- Managerial Assistance in the Public and Private Sectors

- Educational Management

- The Planning and Management of Social and Health Services

- Criminal Sciences and Criminology

- Psycho-Pedagogy of Early and Primary Teacher Education 

- Human resources Development and Management


THE SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH CENTRE is oriented towards fundamental and applied research in sociology and interdisciplinary fields. Interest areas are general sociology, social research methodology, community and regional development, social issues, communication, education, voting behaviour. 

THE RESEARCH CENTRE IN EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES carries out fundamental and applied research of design and development in the field of education sciences (psychology of education, theory and methods of training and evaluation, theory and practice of the curriculum, ICT’s, counseling and orientation, educational management, economy of education, adult education and life long lerning). 

THE CENTRE FOR PEDAGOGICAL ANALYSIS AND DEVELOPMENT aims to research and implement in the University modern teaching and learning technologies, specialty didactics adapted to higher education, procedures to initiate, monitor and evaluate study programms, innovative methods of student counseling and career guidance. 

THE INTER-DISCIPLINARY RESEARCH CENTRE IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES AND THE HUMANITIES has the objective of combining human and material resources in the social sciences and the humanities, by carrying out interdisciplinary research that involves other areas of research such as education sciences, sociology, psychology, social work, social and educational management. 

THE TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTRE intends to promote, support and participate in projects that are multi-disciplinary and oriented towards supporting governance participation in the context of a knowledge-based society which relies on scientific information resulting from different lines of research.

THE CENTRE OF RESOURCE AND INFORMATION IN SOCIAL OCCUPATIONS carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of social work and in related, interdisciplinary fields. The priority research subjects are: social research methodology, social issues and social policies, interpersonal communication, crisis interventions, social education, community development, social services management and management of social work projects.

THE RESEARCH CENTRE IN THE FIELD OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LAW conducts research activities and organises international conferences that bring together researchers and specialists in European law.