Norway Grants

The main objective of these projects is to improve the skills and competences of students and staff in Higher Education, through enhancing students and staff mobility between Romania and DS. Romanian HEIs can cooperate with any number of partner universities or institutions (research centres, companies, enterprises, organisations) from the DS. Also it is possible to to receive incoming students of Liechtenstein nationality from Swiss universities. In the case of mobility between universities for study mobility of students and teaching mobility of staff, the inter-institutional (bilateral) agreement (between the sending and the hosting HEI) is compulsory. The inter-institutional agreements concluded under the framework of Erasmus+ are valid for this Programme. This document must be signed by both HEIs before the mobility takes place. In the case of student mobility for traineeships and staff training mobility not mentioned in an inter-institutional agreement it is necessary an invitation letter sent by the host institution before the mobility takes place, which will contain, at least, the following information: number of students /staff who will undertake the mobility, the purpose of the mobility and the period concerned. Individual candidates (students and staff) will apply to their universities of origin. The following activities will be funded by Mobility Projects:

a.       Student mobility: This action allows students from Romanian universities to undertake a study period of 3 to 12 months (within the same academic year) or a traineeship period of 2 to 12 months (within the same academic year) in one of the DS. Reciprocally, it allows students from DS universities to undertake a study or traineeship period under the same duration conditions as above (within the same academic year) in one of the Romanian institution. Mobility periods can be combined (study + traineeship).

b.      Staff mobility This action allows the following types of HEIs staff mobility: - teaching missions of a duration between 2 days and 2 weeks (excluding travel time) for teaching staff from Romanian universities in a DS university and reciprocally (minimum 8 teaching hours per week or per any shorter period of stay are compulsory). Also staff from a DS enterprise could teach in an Romanian HEI. The minimum 2 activity days must be consecutive. - training mobility with the aim to participate in seminars, workshops, training courses, study visits, job shadowing, for teaching and nonteaching academic staff from Romanian universities in an institution from a DS. The duration is between 2 days and 2 weeks (excuding travel time). The sending and hosting institutions shall first agree on a Work Programme to be achieved by the staff undertaking the mobility (teaching or training). The Work Programme will contain at least the following: objectives of the mobility, added value of the mobility, agenda and content description of the teaching/training programme and the expected outcomes and impact. When it is about a member of the teaching staff undertaking a teaching mission, the mission should be initiated under the framework of an inter-institutional agreement existing between the sending and host institutions. At the end of the period spent abroad, the hosting institution shall provide to the staff and to the sending institution a Certificate of attendance; this document shall mention the name of the staff member, the purpose of activity undertaken and the confirmation of the start and end date of the activity.