International students

Admission (Methodology and requirements)

The registration file will include the following documents:

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EU/EEA Students


Citizens from EU, European Economic Association (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland who apply for admission in the Romanian educational system have to meet the same conditions as the Romanian citizens and the same tuition fees as Romanian students will apply in their case as well.

In order to obtain recognition of studies, European candidates must send following documents to the university of their choice:

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NON EU/EEA Students

The citizens of non-EU countries can be enrolled in Romania on their own expense, paying the tuition fees established by government decision or by obtaining scholarships offered by the Romanian state.

Scholarships awarded to foreign students:

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How to apply

The document is available here ... 

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Study in Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia is located in the centre of Romania, south-east of the Apuseni Mountains, and is one of Romania's most important historical cities. Alba Iulia was the capital of Dacia Apulensis (1st century), and of the Transylvanian Principality (16th century). The first step towards the temporary unification of the Romanian principalities was made here (Michael the Brave, November 1st 1599). We have to mention the medieval cultural tradition, when the Orthodox Archbishopric was established here and Alba Iulia was an important centre of Romanian printing houses. The New Testament (1648) and The Psaltery (1651) were first printed here. 

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