Rector's Address

As a public higher education institution, “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia is going through a new stage of its existence, a stage marked by the three principles  underlying the current mandate of the University’s Management: performance, quality and  consistency. As a relatively young University - we are celebrating 28 years of existence in 2019 -, our University is fully aware of its purpose and role within the higher education system in Romania, and constantly relates to the tradition of the Transylvanian educational system. Each detail of our institutional activity is connected to the importance of our University’s existence in the heart of Romania, a privileged locus of the national spirit. The basic mission of the University is precisely  that of contributing through specific means of education, research and value creation to preserving and underpinning the national identity, to unity in diversity of the Romanian culture and to its active integration within the European and universal flow of values.  
The previous developmental stage of our University has been marked by major strategic projects and significant achievements in the strengthening and advancement of the academic body, by an increase in scientific performances of the teaching and research staff, the development of all the material resources, including living conditions offered to our students. The new stage of maturity aims at intensifying these actions, having as main purpose the increase of every category of performances. It is our endeavor to focus on performances which will secure a higher ranking of our University in the coming years, in the context of a hierarchy based on firm, fair and unitary criteria for all Romanian institutions of higher education. The strategic objectives of the University are therefore oriented in this direction, and aim at increasing the quality of the educational process in accordance with the Romanian Law of Education 1/2011. Within the European context, our University promotes excellence in scientific research, by  developing and strengthening academic relations at national and international level, supporting individual excellence of teaching staff and researchers, increasing the quality of students’ life and creating opportunities for personal and professional development in order to help them actively integrate in society, promoting an efficient institutional management, developing and updating material resources, providing and diversifying financial resources. 
The academic community of Alba Iulia focuses on students and quality of education, and on their professional training. The values that we promote are orientated towards maintaining a harmonious and seminal relationship between the actors of the educational process: equality, diversity, sustainability and social responsibility, openness, transparency and fairness, innovation and professionalism, excellence, respect towards the individual and collective values, responsibility for the human and material patrimony. We enjoy collaboration with institutions from the secondary and higher educational systems from Romania and abroad, viable and constructive partnerships with public and private institutions and the enthusiastic support of local and regional officials, so that we cannot but mobilise and channel all our activities and commitment to the enhancement of our University’s performances. In troubled times, marked by a world crisis and instability, we vouch to offer stability and balance, by promoting essential ethical and esthetic principles, a sense of responsibility towards national identity and its values within the European and global context. We assure all our University’s current and prospective students, friends, partners, supporters or collaborators that they will always find a close-knit academic family in Alba Iulia, in the heart of the Alba Carolina Fortress. In order to understand its essence, you are warmly welcomed here to become the friends with whom we can pledge allegiance to the truth once spoken by Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Professor Valer Daniel BREAZ, Ph.D.