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Living in Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia is located in the centre of Romania, south-east of the Apuseni Mountains, and is one of Romania's most important historical cities. Alba Iulia was the capital of Dacia Apulensis (1st century), and of the Transylvanian Principality (16th century). The first step towards the temporary unification of the Romanian principalities was made here (Michael the Brave, November 1st 1599). We have to mention the medieval cultural tradition, when the Orthodox Archbishopric was established here and Alba Iulia was an important centre of Romanian printing houses. The New Testament (1648) and The Psaltery (1651) were first printed here. 

Alba Iulia was the first capital of the three Romanian provinces and here the Great National Assembly was held on December 1, 1918. For Romanian history it was a special moment because it marked the Union between Transylvania and Banat with the Romanian Kingdom. In 1922, King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary celebrated here their official coronation as sovereigns of United Romania.


Our University is located in the middle of Alba Carolina Fortress, the most representative of Vauban type in Europe. The Fortress was built between 1714 and 1738 and it was designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Morando Visconti.

The main buildings of the University are located near the Reunification Cathedral and The National Museum of Unification, close to The Route of the Three Fortifications.   


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